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Through the efforts of Chuck Hill, the Wheeling Park High School now has a AITP Student Club. Details will be forthcoming after the students have their October meeting. Thanks Chuck for all of your hard work and a big AITP welcome to the students at Wheeling Park High School. Go Patriots!

The Wheeling Park High School AITP student chapter has conducted three meetings. The first meeting consisted of nominating and electing officers. Our 2012-2013 AITP officers are:

President: Alex Parkinson (Sr.)

Co-Vice President: Chis Dofka (Sr.) & Alex Protiva (Jr.)

Webmaster: Darron Marcellus(Sr.)

Treasurer: Tyler Pedelose (Jr.)

Secretary: Jimi Whiting (Sr.)

The club ended up with Co-Vice Presidents because there was a tie in the voting and the club charter specified that the vice-president succeed the president in the next school year, therefore the vice-president will always be an underclassman. The club passed a motion to create a committee consisting of the president and the vice presidents to create the club charter. Our second meeting was a review of the club charter and the club voted to accept the charter as drafted.

During our meeting of November 24, 2010 the club discussed several ways to celebrate Computer Science Education Week. Computer Science Education Week 2010 is a call to action to raise awareness of computer science education and computing careers among students, educators, and the public. Computer Science Education Week (December 5-11, 2010) has been endorsed by Congress in recognition of Admiral Grace Murray Hopper’s birthday, December 9, 1906, and her extraordinary contributions to the field of Computer Science.

Computer Science Education Week activities will include the WPHS AITP club being featured with a story on the Patriot Connection during the week of December 12th. The Patriot Connection is produced by the Radio/TV class and is featured on West Liberty University’s television station, WLTV-14 every night at 6:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

The students are going to conduct a fundraiser during the month of December in which the A+ Software and Networking Internship classes will perform PC tune-ups for a $10.00 fee.

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 15th.

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