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SQL Saturday #80 Event Evaluations

Because of a screw up glitch on my part, event evaluations were not handed out until after lunch. Even with that, we received evaluations from well over half of the attendees. We appreciate everybody taking time to fill out the forms and making comments.

 Now, let’s put aside all of the ‘great job’, nice event’, ‘coming next year’, ‘great speakers’ comments and work on the comments that need to addressed.

 We had comments last year and again this year concerning a speaker who had to cancel on a very short notice. We had to rush with literally 20 minutes notice to fill the gap in the schedule. This year, Craig Purnell was nice enough to fill in the time slot and did a great job. I am sure this is something that other organizers of SQL Saturdays face and I know of no way to make someone happy who is looking forward to a speaker who is a no show for whatever reason, other than to say DEAL WITH IT!

 I am sure that you are no different than me. We have had those Homer Simpson moments when we slap our forehead and exclaim “DOH”!. One comment that hit me like that stated that it would be a lot more convenient if there was a break room on the same floor as the sessions. DOH!!! West Virginia Northern Community College provided us with the main room on the ground floor and 5 classrooms on the third floor. How easy would it have been to have an ice chest and snacks in one of those rooms? Also, this would be a great place to hang out for a few minutes and network. This WILL be addressed next year.

 We had a comment that the stairs were too hard to climb. I am not sure what happened but the elevators were clearly marked at either end of the hallways.

 This next item is easy enough to address. Not everybody liked the burritos for lunch. I am sure that we can just ask at the kickoff meeting if anybody has any issues with the lunch menu. I am not sure why we did not ask during the morning kick off but we can do this next year. This will fix any dislikes or dietary problems.

 One person commented that there were not enough tracks (to choose from, I guess). For the amount of people that attended, I think that 3 tracks are enough but we will discuss this at our debriefing.

 Probably the most consistent negative comment we had concerned the advertising for the event. This is something that we need to sit down and spend some serious time on. The local press seems somewhat reluctant to publish anything that we send.

 We were proactive in our cleanup chores during the day and we were able to vacate the building shortly after the door prizes were handed out. We certainly tried to do everything to leave a good impression for the people at WVNCC. They are a pleasure to work with and we hope to they allow us to use their facilities again for SQL Saturday Wheeling 2012.